Living in Squalor EP

by Mallard

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Some of Mallard's hopes and dreams in a box!


Jordan Trucano - Bass, Vocals
Alison Jaster - Gutar, Drums, Vocals
Lily Quintero - Vocals, Guitar
Alex Cribb - Lead Guitar on tracks 1, 2, & 5
Tony Ledesma - Drums on tracks 2 & 4

Lyrics to Fear written with Daun Jones

Recorded by Danny Barranger at Pinnicale College between August and October of 2015

Mastered by Kenneth Kelsoe in December of 2015

Artwork by Luis Quintero and Daniel Milla


released February 26, 2016

Recorded by Danny Barranger at Pinnicale College between August and October of 2015,
Mastered by Kenneth Kelsoe in December of 2015

Thanks to Danny, Kelsoe, Tony, Luis, Vickey, Honyock and the Hoffmans, Naked Lounge, Cafe Colonial, Kristian, Cardel, Little Danny, Broken Voice Club, and many others who continue to help and support our en devours!



all rights reserved


Mallard Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Moon Junkies
Misogyny and liberty
live peacefully inside of me
Being let go from a fit
That makes us feel inadequate
While wind up robots lie around
searching for more stable sounds
Little toys with little souls
are breaking through and leaving holes

An aardvark stopped me on the stream
and said "I don't know I just know"
He said what doesn't kill you
will sure help you to grow
Moon Junkies wave their hands
at something so unreal
But its okay cause planet earth has lost
Most of its appeal

I lie awake at night and think of all the thinks he said
Unannounced he lets himself through the backdoor of my head
The dog is barren, biting flees
Still she opens doors with ease
My brains to big my mouths to small
When words come out the thoughts dissolved

No matter how you try
Your body doesn't lie
The money is gone when it gets to your hand
Whiskey lullabies turn your castles to sand
Track Name: Two Lovers
Iv'e been trukin' on these last damn thoughts for hours now
Snake on my shoulder, whispering sorrows for years now

Could always relate to tired
Bewildered, drinks still expire
God keep me from drinking all this life
Till I find whats mine

I tip-toed toward the goal, never to be said or stuck
In place, in place of you I'll never...I'll just nurse my drink

We're all sitting next to the fire
Exhaustible, meant to expire
God keep me from drinking all this life
Till I find whats mine

Never could stick a tac to it
Untill now
Find I'm running for my life
My fear is born in you
Two lovers never to come true
Track Name: Stars Song
I lie awake on this roof
Searching for some kind of proof
That there's more then it may appear but the stars,
they don't come around here
Picturing movie scenes
Depicting our so called dreams
This reality we've chosen to see
Is destruction of our inner beings
There's poison in the water
And self hate in our daughters
What can I say we've lost our way
and I still can't see the stars

Keep your faith but stay in your place
Just play the game and try to keep sane
There's no escape, cause they all know your face
fantasize about a better time
When you and I still felt alive
And the whole damn world didn't make me want to fucking die
Track Name: Fear
The twin towers collapse
Kids in school are carrying gats
There are poor people living like rats
While they're selling you this and selling you that

Young mother hooked on crack
In her mind there's no turning back
Doesn't know where the father's at
Almost certain he's not coming back but no

This is not really happening

Money says "In god we trust"
And nothing of the rest of us
Trading love to feed out lust
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Men shot down in theater seats
Black teen beaten by police
We don't want to seem to live in peace
Cant find a way to make our hatred cease but no

This is not really happening
Track Name: Bright Eyes
The worn down bed, which you lay upon
Was once so elegant but now the silk drapes gone
Holds a skeleton as thin as you
With god in your eyes, you seem so withdrawn

Oh so frail your as beautiful as any autumn sky
And while you died I thought of feeding geese
And lengthy walks that we shared
I am not prepared to say goodbye
But know your living through me

Bright eyes
Left me
Bright eyes
Left me stronger

March 24th, another mother figure left my side
But know your still alive inside of me
You've found a loving home inside of me
I'll carry you on

Your life will boom when I have a child of my own
Your set of eyes well be passed down through short smiles and skin
Oh, the laughter, a chuckle made by you, this disaster
A lesson learned, a lesson gained

Bright eyes
Left me
Bright eyes
Left me stronger

Cutting off the thought never a simple act
Of reaction, retention I'm slipping of the track
Of how much, how long and how far
This patience can take me